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Christmas is right around the corner. 🎄

As we finish off this very unique, challenging, and eventful year I encourage you to pause. Each year, we (maybe just me) can often fall into the trap of holiday business. There are gifts to buy, gatherings to attend, year-end projects or goals at work, home, and school to be completed.

It can be all to easy to just go through the motions of the Christmas season, or breeze past the significance of the birth of Christ amidst the mad rush to celebrate this very thing.

I implore you, just as I would any year, but especially as this significant year draws towards a close.

Please don't.

It is in times, especially like this when we must be reminded of Immanuel- God with us. And when you think of God with us, it changes everything. We may be experiencing life like never before, and we may experience tough times ahead, but the truth is that God is with us through it all.

That's the message I hope you and your family grasp in a real personal way this Christmas season. This Christmas season may look a little different from most, but we sure must celebrate the King that brings light in even the darkest of spots.

To connect with your teen(s) over this message, I highly encourage you to celebrate Advent with the guide found on CFC's main page. I also encourage you to have your middle school students watch this and your high school students to watch this. Those are both the first videos to our new Christmas series!

Praying for you and your family as we head into the holiday season, that you grow closer with each other and with the One that makes it all possible.


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